Dont freak out, its just us: pregnant!

Salutations everybody
( I love that word, sounds really fancy and English like)

I was thinking this afternoon, I don't have any pictures on the blog showing my pregnant belly and my canckles (I don't know how to spell that) so today I  took some pictures of me, Jared, Mario and my fat canckles! I grew two shoes sizes :0

I look so different, so please do not freak out. I'm in my last trimester, so I'm in the most "exciting" part of the pregnancy...right? I Love to feel Mario moving all around my belly, and he loves to hear Jared's voice. It's a little weird sometimes because I don't feel Mario moving in the morning, but when Jared gets home and start talking Mario start to move...  Its great.
I have been buying clothes for Mario that look like Jared's wardrobe. Mario is going to be Jared's mini action figure. I have been trying to contact The Nintendo Store, to buy some cool outfits for Jared and Mario but they don't have a freaking website..arh!!

Me with Mario and Jared with Wario

Tome hoy algunas fotos de mi embarazada, me veo super gordita, no parezco la misma persona, pero eso esa es la parte emocionante de embarazo, verdad? Pero lo importante estoy feliz!!!

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT