Guess what?

We are having another little boy! I wanted a little boy and later everyone was saying, "you are going to get a little girl" and I got excited looking at little dresses and pink nurseries and stuff. Yes, I knew it was going to be a boy, but I wanted a girl because they really don't sell a lot of cute clothes for boys and I wanted a princess room because I never had one, so I was going to live my dream through a baby girl. I think Heavenly Father sent me this cute little boy because he knew that if he sent me a girl, I was not going to have more children. Yes, I did the same things with this baby that I did when I found out that Mario was a boy... but to tell you the truth, I would never change my boys for a girl. The baby is fine, but the doctors need to monitor the baby closely so he won't get my Grave's disease, also the baby has a 4% chance to get pyloric stenosis, the same thing Mario had, remember that he got a surgery when he was a month old...

This picture shows clearly that he's a boy; that is not a finger.

Jared is so excited for this baby boy and Mario is too (I am glad I didn't give away all the baby clothes).  I am working on names, because I AM NOT NAMING THE BABY LUIGI.  Why? first: we are not Italians, we are a Dominican-Japanese family, second: Nintendo is not paying me at all to name the baby Luigi, third: what kind person would name their son Luigi? You are setting the baby up to be second his whole life and besides, having a good name will set high expectations for the child, and help him to have a more successful life.

I am transforming the guest room into this beautiful nursery (yes, I have a folder full of ideas for baby rooms). We were thinking of putting the baby and Mario in the same room, but that wouldn't be nice for Mario.  Isn't this room cute?

So thank you for your good wishes.  Mario will love his new baby brother.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT