Happy Birthday Jared!

First of all, thank you Celestine and Mike to help us with the kitchen and the garage, and for paying for dinner. You guys are lifesavers@ Thank you.

We went to Harla Mays to celebrate Jared's birthday.

We watch the "Moulin Rouge."
I'm sorry Jared, I didn't know that you favorite movie was Napoleon Dynamite.

Mario loves having family around.

Jared opening his presents. Thank you guys for all your presents.

26 years old!

I made this cake for Jared, because I didn't get him anything this year(how sad).
I hope you had a good birthday.

Mario "helping me"

I took this picture yesterday and I thought it look nice.

Mario favorite activity eating in bed.

Mario is such a good sport, he is always ready to take picture with me.

Mario ready to work asking for money in a corner.

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Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT