Lafayette, Indiana

Last weekend we went to Indiana because Jared was invited to attend an expo-something to get more information about graduate schools. We went to Purdue University. It was so much fun, but our last day there I got a cold.

Mario was so happy in the king size bed. I have to say it was nice sleeping in a king size bed. Mario didn't kick me, I honestly forgot that he was there.

We went to church at Lafayette 3rd ward and after that we went to campus. Mario and I spent our time playing outside. The squirrel where crazy. In the next pictures, look how the squirrel gets closer and closer to Mario. Those things were mean and I had the feeling that they did not want to play with Mario.

Lets go to the pool

I had a great time in Lafayette. I met another Dominican, well, Half Dominican and she was fun.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT