Mario's first talk.

Last week Mario came home with his first assignment to talk in primary.  Mario was assigned to talk about the restored priesthood for one to two minutes.  Mario and I worked hard  all week trying to memorized his talk. Jared and I were there for moral support. We were so PROUD of him. He memorized his part and added other parts like "Thanks to the priesthood we can have eternal families and drink choco."

The Restored Priesthood.Mario's First talk.
Good morning brothers and sisters, my talk is about the Priesthood.The priesthood is the power of God, and it is a present from Heavenly Father.The priesthood was lost for a long time. In 1829 The priesthood was restored with the help of Joseph Smith. Thanks to the priesthood we have eternal families.In the name of JesusChrist Amen.

The following pictures are from Mother's day at church. That was Mario's first time participating in the primary program.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT