Milo is three months old

Adorable!I just can't believe that Milo is three months old. He is such a wonderful baby boy. He is sleeping so much better at night, just waking up twice at 12am and 4 am.  I think his weight is around twelve or thirteen pounds. He loves to smile at me and he is totally a mama's boy. I love it!Milo makes a lot of of cooing sounds, and he has a huge personality, and let's not forget to mention how handsome he is. I love to see him discovering new things day by day. Milo adores his brother Mario and both of them have the most beautiful eyes and eyelashes. The other day I left Mario and Milo downstairs for a second to go to the laundry room and when I came back, Mario was feeding Oreos to Milo.  Milo was not complaining at all.  What else can I say about Milo? Hmmm... Milo loves to suck on his wrist, he likes apple juice, he has a cute little butt and loves to watch Pbs kids sprout with his brother Mario.

My favorite picture of him.

I'm so glad that I get to stay at home with my boys. The other day I was in bed snuggling with them. They were both giving me kisses (Milo was slobbering all over my face) but I would never change those sweet moments with them. I'm really trying to not stress out to much about the house, or going out. I am just taking all the time I can to spend with Mario and Milo because to me nothing else really matters. I love them so much, I really can't imagine my life without them.
Jared thank you for my boys and for provide for us even when you were going to school full time. I am so proud of you, you are a super man. You have never let me down and words can't really describe all the respect, love, admiration that I have for you. I love you.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT