One more week!

We haven't taken many more pictures so I won't post any here. I just wanted to update everyone on Mariocito's status. Yesterday, Mario had to be under some lights for a little jaundice that he had but he got better after only a couple of hours. Today, Mario's doctor talked to us and told us that he is doing great! The only problem they have seen is his blood platelet count is a little low (around 100,000 instead of 150,000). Mario is now off his IV and is bottle feeding every other feeding (nose-tube feeding for the rest of his feedings). Other than that, the doctor told us that she thinks that Mario can come home with us in less than a week! Woohoo! Thank you everyone for your prayers, they're working!

Jenny came home from the hospital yesterday and she's doing great. She can't wait until Mario comes home with us!

I called our insurance yesterday and found out we should only have to pay $400 and the insurance covers everything else! Finding that out was a big relief to me!

We'll try to remember to take some more pictures of Mario tomorrow and update the blog.

Jared Hobbs

Jared Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT