Portable air conditioner, woot!

Jenny and I just bought a portable air conditioner from costco.com and it arrived yesterday. We both agree that it was one of the best investments we've made. Our house has an evaporative cooler (swamp cooler) but there is only one air duct and it's in the hallway so it effectively cools the living room and hall but the bedrooms stay in the 90's. This air conditioner is awesome. We've been running it non-stop since yesterday and our room is now a comfortable 73º F. We moved an old table into our room so Jenny can do her homework in the comfort of refrigerated air. We have a wireless router so we can also use our laptops in the nice cool room. Here're some pics:

I just hope our electric bill isn't through the roof this month! When the AC kicks into full gear, the lights dim in the house for a second. Well, it's only 9000btu so hopefully it won't be too bad.

One last picture. Our new family portrait: Jenny, me and the AC

Jared Hobbs

Jared Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT