This is an unsual post from me, but I would like to share how I feel about simplifying my life.
I don't know about you, but I have noticed that the more money we make, the more we spend. The more things we NEED to get, the more toys and clothes we need to buy. I have been trying to organize my house for a few months now and I keep giving things aways and still my house looks so crowded with things.  Maybe we don't have enough storage but really?  We own a 1,930 square feet home and still we feel crowded? How can that be? Why do I need to storage all this stuff?  I think there is a big difference between what I want and what I need.  I love having nice things, I really do because I think quality it is better than quantity.  I am very guilty of getting things I don't ever need. I have 55 pair of shoes which I haven't use all of them not even once. I cleaned my closet and kept all these.

My cute helper.

Check out this video. This a little more extreme than I want to be, but if you see the video, you will get the point.

Zero waste.

And here is the blog:

Imagine this, someone ask to take all your possessions out in the frontyard for a picture of your family and you with all the crap you own.
There is a book called Material World: A Portrait of The World Possesions BY Peter Menzel where he goes around the world taking pictures of what a people own in different countries. I wasn't surprised when I saw how much stuff people have here in the US, doesn't matter how poor or rich you are. We have a lot of stuff. Maybe we think that having a lot of  stuff will make us happy but it really doesn't.

Material World.

We bought Mario and Milo one toy each and a  few books for Christmas.I also keep winning things. Meanwhile I was writing this post I got call from a radio station telling me that I won VIP tickets to meet country singer, Kevin Fowler's this Thursday. I also saw this morning an email from house beautiful informing me that I won and from women's health magazine I won a DVD blue ray from Snow White and The Huntsman. So All those things I won, are going to be presents for family. Maybe we get blessed with so much not to keep it to ourselves but to pass it along to others. I hope this post make a small impact on you as it did on me.I really want to have a very fulfilling life,  I don't want to fill myself with clutter and stuff but with good memories,  love and happiness.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT