Spring Break

I came home with a really bad cough and Jared broke his foot. As soon as I leave, everything falls apart. I don't know if that is good or bad. I like my family to need me but I also want them to be independent.

The boys received their Easter baskets early because we were heading to Belize.

The day before we left, Jared got his Cybertruck. On Friday at 5 pm, he got a call to get it. That was another story and if you want to know the details, please call Jared.

On our way to Belize, Jared was wheeled around the airports. Jared forgot his driver's license so I got to drive in another country.

We stayed at The Mahogany Hall which was an old French Colonial mansion but felt like an old plantation to me.

We went to a few Mayan pyramids close to Guatemala. I was in the Dominican Republic a few days back and the heat in Belize was unbelievable. It was the hottest and most humid place I have ever been to.

To see the second pyramids was so scary because I had to ride on a hand cranked boat with my car. You know how scary that is? But I did it! Mario and Milo were asked to get out of the car. Jared couldn't get out of the car because of his broken foot.

We got special permission to park closer to the pyramids and we got a guide that made the whole experience more meaningful. By the way, Belize is an English speaking country.

We had a few meltdowns, especially me. I get very snappy and short tempered with people when it is too hot outside.

After that long day, we swam in the Mopan river behind our hotel. Those photos don't do justice of how beautiful the place was. Mario stayed in the room because he was exhausted.

The next morning, we woke up ready to go cave tubing. I am not on island time and they do take their time to do anything. I appreciate the relaxed life until a point.

We finally arrived at the location at noon. The driver was the slowest driver I have ever seen. We had lunch and headed to our adventure. We stopped in some places in the jungle, we ate termites (they tasted like carrots and mint) and we had some type of coconut fruit. Jared was jumping from cliffs and diving with his broken foot. I honestly don't understand how his brain works but he is paying for it today.

Inside the cave. It was a great experience and we swam inside tight places. It was a little claustrophobic and Mario wasn't very happy about it.

Our tour guide Abel

We arrived in time for dinner. At our hotel, we had to schedule our breakfasts and dinners because they were no other restaurants around. We all slept in separate beds. Jared had his broken foot and I didn't want to make it worse by accidentally hitting it. We had videos of us jumping from rocks but I am exhausted. I am pushing myself to blog because I don't want to stop doing it. This is my family history.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT