A few facts about Mario

Baby Mario is going to be three months old on the 27th. I'm really pleased with him, even though he is really fussy all the time, he is really smart and cute of course:)

1)Mario loves to smile but if he sees a camera around him, he will never never  smile.

2) Mario looks cute even when he is crying.

3) He loves watching snowboarding and snow cross (winter x-games) with Jared aka Papi.

4) Mario wants to walk so bad, but he can't hold his head up yet but his legs don't care.

5) Mario loves his Mami very very much. (I know, I look bald in the picture)

6) Mario loves to pinch his ear and he loves when I tell him secrets.
7) Mario loves to dance salsa with Mami, he has rhythm.
8) Mario loves when Mami speaks Spanish to him.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT