December is always fun.

We went to see Santa. I though this was the Santa that comes to our Ward, but it wasn't him. There is a Santa in our Ward. Mario saw him a few weeks back and told me, "I didn't know that Santa was LDS" I said, "of course. You didn't know that?"

I also was a host for the Crèche christmas exhibition in our chapel. The exhibition was a beautiful display of many natives, there was art work focused on the birth of Jesus Christ,  and performances by many artist. I was so sick, I just kept praying inside of me so I would make thru the day.Later I went a took a family portrait for the son of elder Anderson. His son is in our Ward.

I took Milo to La baguette which is a french sandwich shop. We stopped at William Sonoma to get a cookie cutter. When we entered the store Milo said, "hmm smells like grandma's house"He was right it was like a mixture of pumpkin spice with something sweet.

These are more pictures of the boys at the Crèche exhibition.

Pizza is a really important part of our diet.  We made some pizza as you can see. We also made cookies for our neighbors.

Mario is eating more types of food. He ate his first bacon cheeseburger on Saturday. I was surprised.

This was one the storm was happening in California. It wasn't crazy. It was like a tone down monsun season.

Waiting at the emergency care.. Again.

After a rough day I took the boys to eat Indian food and for ice cream. I love when they are happy.

They also got flu shots. I don't give them the spray because it has the live virus and they would make me sick. I explained the options to them and they understood.

The best part of the holidays for me is to give. We are financially poor in here but I still do it.

My night riders.

The boys from our class. They worked hard bringing their scriptures every Sunday. I made them brownies and Jared gave them some of the pens with a hidden Usb drive. They were happy.

I will have another post at the end of the year. My dad is coming to visit.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT