Grand Canyon / Red River

Here're some photos from my Grand Canyon trip earlier this month (rim to rim to rim):
At the South Kaibab trailhead

Beginning the icy descent

Looking at the switchbacks ahead

The icy Colorado below

Woot! Made it to Bright Angel campground.

Hiking out from the Bright Angel campground via North Kaibab

Detour to visit Lower Ribbon Falls

My dad and I went to Upper Ribbon Falls the next day

Back at Phantom Ranch / Bright Angel campground

Trip to Boat Beach at Bright Angel

Sam doing a front flip into the Colorado

Diving into the Colorado

Hot cocoa and bagels at the Cantina at Phantom Ranch

Hiking out via Bright Angel trail, rest stop at Indian Gardens

Mule train passing by

Ice near the rim

Made it to the Bright Angel trailhead! Woot!

I won some free lift tickets and lodging at Red River so we decided to go at the end of the season. Here are some pictures:
Me and Brian on the Platinum triple chair

Jenny enjoying the snow and weather

Me and Jenny getting ready for tubing

Riding the magic carpet up the tubing hill

Me and Jenny on the chair lift. Jenny did awesome on skis!

There were a ton of deer around our cabin mooching our food. Here's Jenny feeding them some pineapple.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT