Growing as a family.

Milo is eight months old and he thinks he is still attached to me.  I love how he prefers me over anyone else, (sorry Jared) I guess there not better feeling in the world. Mario is like that too.  Milo is really shy, and he likes to study people's faces.  He likes to eat crackers, yogurt, pasta, tomatoes, and he is not afraid of letting me know when he doesn't like something by screaming his head off.  He adores Mario,  and he likes computers like everyone in our family.

Who is ready to go to the Renaissance Fair? We are!

We have been living in Santa Fe for almost two years and we finally decided to go to the Renaissance fair. It was great, I really enjoyed, it also helped that I took a New Mexico's history class and I learned how the Spanish got here and how they lived in the 18 and 19 century.

Trying on hats

Oh look, Merlin is talking with Mario.

I love these yellow's flower. These wild flowers are EVERYWHERE here in Santa Fe.  When I drive around it looks like a sea full of those flowers everywhere. I love it. I really love Santa Fe.

Mario and the Queen.

Free date for us.

Last week we went to the Hanson concert. We really didn't know ANY of their songs but we went anyway because it was free. We got to meet them and it was like meh.

I made a Dominican cake for Mario. He was so excited, and couldn't wait to eat a piece of cake. I really think that I won't do it again. Too much work and it looks really "homemade" which is not a bad thing...sometimes.

I also made some ties for my boys.  Mario always asked me for more and more ties. He has a pretty nice collection of bow ties and now some cute ties.

Milo is eight months old and crawls all around the house and he can stand up holding into furniture. He will walk before he is a year old. A few days ago, I left Milo In my room and I went to fix Mario's bed and when I came back I couldn't find Milo. I got really scared and I heard him baby talking. Milo was in the back of my closet playing with my stuff in my closet. He is so mobile. He is perfect like Mario.

Thank you for reading our blog.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT