I don’t like January

Taking down the Christmas tree ornaments since it's almost February!

Honestly January is the worst month of the year.

Yeah sure my birthday's in January, and it was a good birthday but look at the negative. It's cold, there's no holidays, and it's honestly just depressing.

In December you wake up for school, make a hot cup of steamy hot cocoa, and get your jackets on. Fast forward a month, its January  you've already got bored of all your presents, all the cheery christmas decorations are down. It is 27  degrees and your bed is so warm you just wanna sleep one more hour. You look at you alarm clock and... ITS SEVEN FORTY FIVE! You race out of you bed to get you clothes on brush you teeth while combing your hair and you realize its a Saturday.

I walk home from school in January. it’s icy, there is snow and you just wish you were eating cookies at home next to the fireplace. When you get home you get in your bed and go to sleep until tomorrow wishing it was summer. But theres still six months you wish you could just fast forwad to June.

January its cold its depresing and i do not like

Milo Hobbs

Milo Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT