January 2024

Milo's Birthday this year. We celebrated his birthday twice because Jared was going to be out of town on his actual birthday. Milo wanted to go and celebrate with his friends at a trampoline park.

Milo's actual birthday.

The young men went to Norm Younker's cozy cabin for an overnight trip. I love the support network Mario, Milo, and Jared have in our ward. I always think that men need to get together and socialize the same way we as women do. It is good for our mental and emotional health.

These are the photos of Catalina Soto's birthday. She is the daughter of one of my Utah besties.

I made this poster for my stake relief society women’s conference. It came out really cute and I was very proud of showing off my work.

Jared's 41st Birthday!

Jared doesn't like to have the attention on him too much. It makes him feel uncomfortable. For his birthday, we got him an apple vr thing. He is happy with it and that is all that matters. We took Jared to eat Chinese Barbecue and it was worth the whole thing. After that, we went to get milkshakes at the ice cream shop.

The month of January has been so long! Milo is almost as tall as me. My fitness goals are still intact. I work out daily and watch my diet very carefully. My ward hosted a makeup night. I learned to do my makeup and many tips for taking care of our bodies.

Another of my goals is to go to the temple at least once a month. I went to the Draper temple for the first time and it was a beautiful experience.

More photos of us hanging around our neighborhood. We went to see a documentary for the Sundance film festival. We watched "Will and Harper" which was the journey of Harper, who is a transgender person coming out to their friends. The documentary is very well done.

My friend Rachelle Morris is running for some city stuff as a Republican. I asked her how the campaign was going and she told me that she was going to an evangelical church on the westside. I volunteered to go with her and help to translate for her. I didn't have to do a thing and met so many interesting people.

Valentine’s Day

Doing service at the church, we went to dinner in Downtown SLC minus Mario. He didn’t want to eat Japanese food.

My weekly breakfast with Francisca, meeting at the Hinkley Institute of Politics to learn how caucuses work in Utah. Another fun escape room. Jared and Mark Hindley on a youth hike minus any youth. Bonneville Women's conference 2024. Mario teaching a lesson at church. Jared and Mario at Applebees.

Every Monday morning I teach a church friend Spanish. I also went to a funeral home and planned my funeral. I’m going back to buy my cemetery plot (fun fact: My cemetery neighbor will be Mitt Romney and his family)

It has been an amazing beginning of the year. I’m traveling soon to the Dominican Republic because I am getting a Beach apartment. I’m excited! I’ll post photos of my final decision.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT