We have a super star in our house. Our dear Milo participated in his school play at Clayton Middle school. We went to opening night and were amazed by the detail, hard work, great costumes, and good singing that we experienced.

It was an unforgettable night.

My relationship with Jared's parents has been a bit strained, and I believed that extending an invitation to Milo's play would be a great way to extend an olive branch. I discussed my thoughts with Jared, and he promptly purchased airplane tickets for his parents to visit for three days.

I have been planning my funeral for quite some time. I understand that this topic can be a bit morbid for some people, but I am acutely aware that death is the only certainty we have in this world. I don't want to leave Jared and the boys burdened with having to handle everything at once. I've taken the initiative to select my plot, tombstone, flowers, and every other detail according to my preferences. I also have a specific request to only allow people dressed in appropriate attire to my memorial service and the speakers. I saw the crazy dresses some of Jared's family were wearing at grandma Joy's funeral and the random speeches. You live and learn.

We took Jared's parents to Finn's for some yummy food.

I love taking people to restaurants. We also went to Nordstrom restaurant and had desserts.

Jared's mom wanted to get her nails retouched so I took her to my favorite nail place.

Here are some photos from Milo's play. After the performance, we celebrated at a Japanese restaurant to honor Milo's fantastic night. On the final night of the play, I stayed to distribute the kids' school packages containing their photos and biographies. Following that, there was an after-party where Milo thoroughly enjoyed himself. Additionally, we treated them to Caffe Molise, visited Juliet Peacock's house to see her new puppies, and indulged in Thai cuisine in West Jordan.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT