Mario's First Play date

Mario and Evan playing!

Mario loves to look outside and scream at the people that walk by our house.

Mario and his flirty face.

Mario and his unhappy face.

Look how funny he looks from the street.

Mario and daddy.

Today was Mario's first play date with Jacob and Evan Walser.  He really had a good time after he got to know them better. Mario is really sensitive and he doesn't like people to touch him or kiss him or anything. I have a picture of Evan trying to hug and kiss Mario and Mario was screaming like crazy everytime that Evan was trying to be nice, so Evan came to me and told me: "Mario is mean" and I just laughed so hard. I think Mario needs to work on his social skills.  I have to say Mario is a lot of work but I was happy to see him playing with his friends and toys.  It was the first time he played with them; when Mario is by himself  he just ignores his toys. I'm glad that I have the chance to record all these special moments in Mario's life, because when he is a teenager I'm going to show all these pictures to his friends, even the naked ones. He will be mortified.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT