Our biggest surprise ever...

Jared, Mario and I are over the moon because we are expecting Baby Hobbs #2!!!

This was a big surprise for all of us. Here is how it went:

Jenny: (crying) Jared, I think I'm dying. I feel like I'm going to die. I thought I was getting better but now I feel worse than ever in my life.Jared: Call Dr. Sawyer and tell her that you are getting worse.Jenny: ok.
Later on we went to Target... I saw my friend Emily there and I told her how I was feeling.Emily: I think you might be pregnant.Jenny: Shut up...I don't think so, but I will buy a test.We got home and this is what I saw:

I thought this might be a mistake, probably the thyroid hormone replacement are messing up the pregnancy test. My doctor told me that because of my slow metabolism, thanks to not having a thyroid, my chances to get pregnant were not good. Besides, for me to get pregnant with Mario, it took me three months, and I was healthy and younger.The next day I went to the general doctor and I took a pregnancy test. While I was waiting for the result, Mario decided to poop his diaper and clothes. The doctor's office didn't have a changing table and I had left the wipes in the car. I was overwhelmed.Doctor: Mrs Hobbs, you are not pregnant.....you are super pregnant!Me: Are you sure? ( tears falling from me eyes)... how can this have happened?(...Yes, I know how people get pregnant).
I got in the car, called Jared and told him the wonderful news. After I talked to Jared, I called my friend and ask her to recommend me a good ob-gyn (after my experience with Mario, I won't go with a midwife... ever).  My friend gave me the number of her doctor, but told me that it was really hard to get in, apparently he is the best in Santa Fe.  To my good luck, I got in. Two days later, Jared, Mario and I had our first ob-gyn visit.  We  payed everything for the birth on the first visit. We are going to be so ready for this pregnancy, we won't be naive like in the previous pregnancy... We are categorized as a high risk  because of my health history. I feel safe this time around, I'm still trying to get over the shock of being pregnant, I wasn't expecting it at all.My right arm is all bruised, I have had so many blood tests for the endocrinologist and the Ob-Gyn, but it is better this way so I won't pass the Grave's disease to my baby. I also got a higher dose of thyroid hormone, now I take 137mg everyday. The good thing in my opinion is that every month I will get to see our baby in the ultrasound, because they need to monitor me really closely...so hurray! I will get to see my baby every month!My mom, dad and sister were so happy. My mom is already planning to be here for at least two months to help me with Mario, that is so nice.  The only down part of this pregnancy is that I have morning sickness, heart burn, and I feel like I am going to faint all the time, what is the big deal? Well, I have never felt this way with a pregnancy, besides the complications I had with Mario in the last trimester.  I really don't mind having another boy (I already have a ton of clothes for him) and I like the idea to be the only girl in my house.  I just want this pregnancy to go smooth and to be painless. Yes, I am pro drugs: happy mom, happy baby!
Mario is kissing my belly everyday and saying: Hi baby!  He is so excited, and we are so excited for our new baby... I'm glad that I'm not dying, I'm just pregnant... Let's see how well we can handle this... Jared wanted to wait until we had the baby to show him to his parents and tell them: "hey, look we have a baby." but that would have been a little selfish from us.
The baby will be born in February!

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT