Pyloric Stenosis

Hey everyone, happy Thanksgiving! We hope everyone had a nice break last week. My parents posted pictures from our Thanksgiving so we didn't post anything. So here's the latest news from us. Yesterday, we brought Mario in to see his pediatrician because he had started spitting up a lot since last Saturday. Over the past week, the spitting up gradually got more frequent and more intense. On Wednesday, Mario didn't have any wet diapers which was really strange. So when we brought him in to see the doctor yesterday, they started doing all sorts of tests on him. They found that he was dehydrated, they made him drink some barium and took some x-rays, they did an ultrasound, and they took blood samples. At the end, they diagnosed him with Pyloric Stenosis which is where the Pyloric muscle thickens to the point where it doesn't allow the stomach to empty into the small intestine. The only fix for this is surgery where they make a small incision in the stomach and cut that muscle. Here are some pictures I took with my phone (of course we weren't prepared with a proper camera or anything!)

Not another hospital crib!

Not another IV in my arm!

This is before the surgery. They will make an incision in the lower left side of the stomach.

About 15 minutes before surgery.

It's a success! Here's the little guy after surgery.

The incision is about a half inch long. The doctor said it should heal in about a week and be hardly noticeable in around a month. Mario should be able to leave the hospital and come home with us on Saturday.

Jared Hobbs

Jared Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT