The January of mariohobbs

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Quite an eventful month.

At school, my secondary 1 math teacher changed the way we do schoolwork: instead of doing homework we do schoolwork at home, lessons and all. Then when we get to math we ask questions about what we learned; making homework a real pain.

As previously stated in my mother's blog post, this month we also had Milo's and Papi's birthday celebrations.

Since November, I have been experimenting with 3d wireframes in scratch, so here are some examples below.

At base height
Lower vanishing points (thing constantly reloads so the tall building phased out)
error caused due to the fact i forgot the make the distances between the block points dependant on the distances between the vanishing points

if you want to try the scratch project out here is the link:

I also have begun using again and have created a song I think people might like.

BeepBox Song

And with that, I hope you've had a good January, I know I did! Here's to a great February!

Mario Hobbs

Mario Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT