Viva Juarez!

Jared, Jacob and I went to Juarez to have our vacation day of the semester. This was the first time for Jacob outside of the country. It was a three hour drive from here(ABQ) to Juarez, Mexico and we really had a great time, everything was so cheap and the food was delicious.
These pictures were at the bridge that divides Juarez from EL Paso, Texas.

At the time of crossing the bridge to go to Juarez, we found out that they don't have a check point or they(immigration) don't ask you for your Ids or anything, so you can walk so easily to Mexico.

Jared is so happy. He's just thinking about the good deals that he's going to find.

This face is the one that I was planning on doing if the immigration stopped me and asked me if I was an Illegal Mexican. (WHAT?!!)

This one was in Downtown Juarez, Mexico.

I was in love with this little burrito, but it was too heavy to carry home.

Well, after walking around for almost one hour, we started to get hungry but in Juarez it's rare to find restaurants that accept credit cards, so we went to an ATM and we got some cash. The Mexican pesos look a lot like the ones in my country.

We went to the restaurant called Villa del Mar. We ate tons! and for cheap!
Jacob was learning a lot of Spanish.

Torta de pollo (Jacob is eating) and tacos de beef( Jared is eating)

The guy in the white shirt is the chef. I don't know where he came from, because in one minute  we were sitting in the table ready to take the picture and later the chef is in the picture. I don't know how he got in the pic.

Mucha Lucha!

In the Mercado (market) we found cool stuff and also a weird animal, we think that it's a dog but we're not sure. What do you think? People thought that this animal was the CHUPA CABRA!

What about the naked guy?

The art in Juarez is awesome.

The architecture of the building is incredible.

Juarez is awesome and the people are so relaxed.( I think that guy was dead)

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT