Last year, I found myself in my basement, walking on my treadmill, when I stumbled upon a YouTube video showcasing Zion National Park. I was mesmerized, and the desire to visit took hold of me. I am not an outdoorsy person, but the allure was undeniable. I also discovered the Zion Lodge, which promised to enhance the entire trip. The cabins appeared exceedingly comfortable. Making a reservation, I found that the only available slot was in August. Later, I realized that this timeframe is perpetually accessible due to Zion's scorching temperatures, reaching around 98 degrees. Well, changing plans wasn't an option at that point, as I had already become emotionally invested.

En route to Zion's Park, we enjoyed Chinese food in SLC while waiting for our trailer to get new tires. Our journey took us through Provo, where we collected our side-by-side vehicle from the mechanic before continuing to the cabin. Spending a few hours at the cabin was awesome. I didn't want to leave.

During our travel to Zion's Park, we took a pause for dinner at an Applebee's. Surprisingly, it turned out to be the best Applebee's we had ever visited. Normally, we steer clear of such establishments due to their repetitiveness, but this instance proved us wrong. We saw a rainbow and a random lighthouse in the midst of the desert.

We reached Zion's at 10 pm. The Lodge  provided us with the gate code and a parking permit to keep in our car a few weeks back. After arriving, we proceeded to check in and went to our adorable cabin. I couldn't help but be amazed by its charm and cuteness.

Our cute cabin!

Angel's Landing

Please watch this before continuing reading

Before you proceed further, let me introduce the hike that Jared and the boys were eager to undertake. I have a profound fear of heights, leading me to avoid situations involving them.  I can tackle the hikes, but there comes a threshold where my legs seem to defy the commands of my brain. Fortunately, this was not one of those instances. My legs were just shaking a lot. Jared took a chance by entering a lottery for the hike, and astonishingly, emerged victorious! 4 tickets  The surge of adrenaline was palpable. We were on the trail at 6:30 am.

This hike proved to be exceptionally beautiful, leaving me in a state of disbelief as I look around. The sensation that fills you within the park is undeniable; it made me  aware of my own insignificance, evoking a profound sense of humility. The breathtaking views, there seemed to be an aura of serenity pervading the atmosphere. In that moment, I felt a connection to something greater, a tranquil presence that I can only describe as being spiritually full.

The photos don't give this place justice.

We hated the stwitch backs. These are called Walter wiggles and they were so annoying. I didn't know what was coming ahead.

We thought we made it...We didn't know what was coming ahead. Well, I didn't know.

I smile really big when I am terrified. I don't know why

Yes, we went all the way up.

At the top.

I took a few photos but I can't tell you anything else. I was getting really bad vertigo. The trick is to have tunnel vision and not look down or to the sides.

Milo is so proud of himself.
Mario did great too! He was actually coaching me
A wonderful memory 

At the top, we had snacks when squirrless and chipmocks came from nowhere. They were really cute and were not afraid of humans. We didn't feed them but the harrasment was constant until we left.

On our way down

Going down hill wasn't as terrible. It was actually pretty nice and by the time we left, so many people were crowding the scary trails. We accomplished a very challenging hike as a family.

Thursday Afternoon:

Staying at the Lodge was the best idea I have ever had. We rode the bus to the Lodge, had lunch at the Lodge restaurant, took a hot shower, and a very long nap.

After our nap, we sat in these rocking chairs and just enjoyed the beautiful place. We went to the visiting Center and the Museum.

We made reservations for dinner at 7:15pm and played games  meanwhile we waited for dinner.

Friday: Our main goal was to do the Angel's landing hike and we did. We went for another early hike at 6:30 am and went for two short hikes. We didn't do anything with water because there was flash flood and I don't feel like getting weat with freezing water.


For sure, this brief vacation stands out as one of the most memorable getaways I've ever experienced. The delight evident on the faces of the boys confirmed that they were equally enamored with the trip, solidifying our decision to return next year. What added an extra layer of charm was the timing; many children in Utah are back in school during this period, the pervasive chaos that often accompanies popular tourist destinations was notably absent. It's difficult to say farewell to the enchanting surroundings. Jared needed to go back to work, and the internet inside Zion is pretty much gone.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT