I always think we are missing out and I over schedule myself. This is when the anxiety and OCD start taking over. I need to remind myself to live a day at a time and stop worrying so much about the future. I might not be here tomorrow with how all these gun massacres keep happening.  I am very sad that this country is taking away our women's right to choose (like Satan tried to do in the premortal life-just saying); I'm saddened by the treatment of POC; and I'm terrified for my children and family. Let's see how long it will take for our political wackos to bring back segregation.

Cookbook Club

My cookbook club was a hit. I started this club when I moved to SLC. Being the new person is always hard and you can't expect people to invite you to do things. This was a great idea to meet women and socialize. Well, I am creating an app that will make this type of gathering easier. I still don't know how to monetize the app, but I have the feeling that it's going to be great. Many people still don't know how to use google sheets. It is challenging for everyone to sign up and for the host to upload the recipes.

Salt Lake City Pinewood Derby 2022

Mario won! The Morbius Mobile was inspired by the movie, Morbius. Mario and I were invested in the movie because it has a good story. The editing of the movie could have been so much better.

Cabin remodel update

Contractors keep adding projects to the cabin. I asked them to install a 220v hookup for a hot tub and this is what they are doing. After all our work cleaning around the cabin! They are also painting the deck railings (which were supposed to be done but they are charging me for that and painting the small cabin for $3,500). They hired an excavator for 5 hours with a cost of $150 per hour. My contractors work really well but they take forever... and they nickle and dime me. This remodel is taking me to the poor house and it is making me very anxious. I just want them to finish the floors. These are the projects that need to be finished: Floors, stair railings, shower handles, installing the sinks, installing downstairs toilet and vanity, finish the kitchen, adding the bathroom doors, installing fans and light fixtures, finishing the trims, installing the soffits... They want me to pay but if they are not done, I won't be paying a dime.

Mario's doctor appointment for his legs. Here is Mario getting 300 units of botox in his legs to help him with his walking. He was brave to have those needles inserted because his calves are pure muscle. He didn't cry. We have another doctor's appointment with the cardiologist to follow up his heart murmur and three hour MRI scan for his brain, back, and hips. Regardless, I am grateful that things aren't worse. This is something tedious but doable. Counting our blessings.

Mario at his cardiologist on May 27th. Mario is 14 years old and he is 5'4" tall. He is my height! ❤ after many tests (3 hours), Mario's test results came out in the normal range. No heart problems! He has a murmur on the normal side.

We really made beautiful children.
Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT