Easter 2023

Milo had one of his last school field trips of the year. They went to the Clark Planetarium. Thank you so much to the Uintah instagram page for posting those amazing photos.

Jared and Mario hanging out in Mario's bed. At night time he puts the boys to bed and visits with them to see how everything is.

My boys are not interested in doing Easter activities as they did in the past. I live those memories vicariously by sending my nieces and nephews as many toys as I can. I love to FaceTime Layla, Oliver, and Logan every few weeks to check in on them.

The weather in Salt Lake City has been crazy. This year we had record high snowpack. We still haven't gone skiing because to be honest, I am just so sick of the snow. It doesn't seem fun anymore.

We also went to the temple (Bountiful temple) for the first time in two years. I felt the joy in my heart and I felt full again. I did experience some racism from the temple matriarch about my Spanish temple veil. I don't pay too much attention to people like her because that is how living in Utah is.
That could have been a perfect opportunity for me to not ever go back to church. But you see, I won't let a Karen ruin my chance to get back to my Heavenly Father. My eternal salvation is more important to me than letting that woman hurt my feelings. Sadly, that is the reality of being a POC in places that are predominantly white. I even have friends that say mildly racist things and I just look at them and tell them: "Hey, your racism is showing."  

My ward always has the best Easter Parties.

Mario and Milo helped to set up some of the Easter party. They always volunteer to help but they don't stay long. They are in the age where TV and video games are the best way to decompress for them. I don't nag too much because those two work so hard with their school. They deserve a break.

Easter Sunday

We wore pink for Easter and the boys switched to linen pants for Spring and Summer. The children and YM/YW in our ward are the best dressed people I have ever seen. I appreciate the effort that the moms make in our ward to always present their children in the best light.

Our Easter Sunday dinner was delicious. I am blessed to have Costco around the corner.

I love love love wearing dresses and Chloe does too.


This is a huge milestone for me: I finally feel normal again about being in public places without having to take my meds. My obsessive thoughts are getting better. I felt ready to take a Barr3 class and I even took a flight on my own!!

Women Who Run

I went to a training workshop for women who want to run for office. The event was hosted by the nonprofit organization, Women Who Run Utah. I do want to run for office in my community. I want to be part of the decision making. I want a seat at the table because I know I can do it. If you know me, you know I will probably do an excellent job keeping our community great. Type A personality.

This is Clarissa Williams, she is the city council woman for South Salt Lake City. This photo was at the end of the event. I was there from 9 am to 3:30 pm.

Jared left for a work trip to San Francisco. Milo asked me to take him to get a haircut. I was shocked when he asked for very short hair. He looks so grown up.

Dinner date with the boys. Chicken and Gelato.

I finally finished the ward history report for the Garden Park Ward. I struggled  with that document because it kept crashing my computer. The file was too big but I did it! It wasn't what I originally planned but it works. 500 pages.

San Francisco Trip

Jared asked me to meet him for a day in San Francisco. He really gets bored and lonely without me. I miss him too when he is away. My flight was delayed two hours which made an indent in some of my plans. I finally arrived at SFO around 1:30 pm.  After Jared picked me up from the airport, he went back to work. I walked around the fashion district and had a great lunch at a restaurant. I do love going to restaurants by myself. I met two people while I was walking around and had great conversations. I learned about a dance called Zouk dance which is a mix between bachata and tango. I make friends everywhere I go.

I also went shopping at Zara and at Macys. I only brought a backpack so I didn't have space for more stuff in my pack.

After work, Jared surprised me with a trip to Alcatraz Island. I was exhausted because I was awake since 6 am. It was a great trip and the boat ride was amazing. It was very romantic at night time.

After our trip, we walked around for a while. I almost forgot that Jared used to live in San Francisco for three months while he was working on his startup. The stairs were unbelievable but they went through these cute little cottages. It was a very romantic night in the city. We had dinner at a restaurant and I got yelled at by a woman high on something.

That wasn't the end: Jared took me on a driverless car ride! It was insane to ride in a car around the city without a driver. I was excited and very nervous.

The next morning, we went to the Westfield mall for lunch. We walked to the pier and had some lactose free ice cream for me. I took the Bart for the first time and got my first clipper card.

On our way to the airport

I was excited to see the boys. They did a great job watching Chloe. These photos are after church.

Progress photos of my workouts. You can see the muscles!

Handsome Milo walking towards me at his school

Spring Skiing.
Last week of skiing in Utah.

We tried the restaurant for the first time.

We are going back this Saturday. I hope not. I am a spring skiing half a day type of person.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT