Fall Festivals and Halloween

Milo had his last fall festival at his elementary school. We had a great time. Milo kept bringing apples home from school. We later learned that he has been making dried apple slices with brown sugar and cinnamon in the oven. He sells the apples to all his friends. The kids love those apple slices. We are still doing the vegetarian thing.

Trunk or treat

For trunk or treat, I coordinated our outfits to be characters from Stranger Things Season 4. We really look great. I also made Zuppa Toscana to share at the trunk or  treat. I love that my soup is the first one to go.

Mario's birthday

Mario is fifteen years old ­čś▒! He is becoming such an amazing young man. He is working on his social skills and I can see a huge improvement. Mario is thriving in his school. He has a 102% in his computer science class. I am so proud of him.

Mario got many presents for his birthday, especially from Jared's parents. They bought him all the medieval stuff that Mario loves. Mario is a really nerdy kid. He loves to play dungeons and dragons and he is a history almanac. I am going to take him to a renaissance fair so he can live his dreams. For dinner, we took Mario to his favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. He ate as much pasta as he could.

My parents called Mario. Tata and his cousin Layla sent him two cards.

Mario loves his Halloween themed birthday cakes

Halloween at Milo's school

I volunteered to help with the Halloween party in Milo's classroom. I bought cupcakes, a vegetable tray, water bottles, and Halloween toys for the whole classroom. This is my last child in elementary school. Bittersweet moment.

Halloween Open House at the Carriage house

The Relief Society presidency asked me if I wanted to be one of the Sanderson Sisters like a few years back. I jumped at the opportunity because I love Halloween. I also love Kathy Younker and Barbara Lundeen. It was actually super fun. I scared some little kids. It was really funny. We provided everyone with root beer and warm breadsticks.


I think after getting covid for the first time, we got our boosters and flu shots to get ready for the season. We are not afraid of going out anymore. Living so close to downtown Salt Lake City has so many perks. This week we had a very busy social life.

Concert 1: Tuesday November 1st, we went to The Complex and saw Cafe Tacuba.

Concert 2: Wednesday November 2nd, we went to see Lizzo in concert at Vivint!!! It was my favorite concert ever! I know all her songs and I love the body positive messages that she preaches.

It has been crazy cold and all the pollen has taken a toll on my face. I go for daily walks. My goal is 10,000 steps a day. Every day I pass a house with a vine full of grapes. No one ever picks them. I always take a few when I am walking. Well, I gathered the courage to ask the house owners and they told me to take as many as I want! Jared doesn't understand my fascination with those grapes. I just love that they are free and just organically grown in someones backyard.

The Garden Park Relief Society hosted a brunch to celebrate the October and November birthays at Cindy Bunker's house. It was a lovely morning.

Saturdays are always busy. After the brunch, I went to the grocery store and got all the supplies for the next week. I came home and totally forgot that we had another event. Jared took me to see David Spade at the Eccles Theater. Photos were not allowed but David Spade seems to be my height. We also are getting really good seats for all the concerts. I am very impressed with Jared.

Cutest Dog ever wearing a sweater
Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT