January 1st

There is always something exciting about the first day of the year. The city looked so empty, everyone was sleeping off the hard partying of New Year's Eve.
Jared and I stayed home for New Year's Eve.We ordered sushi, drank sparkling apple cider. We did some Hispanic traditions to receive the year, just me and Jared. We poured water on the front door. Received the year with money in our hands and turned on a candle(electrical candle), and we were going to run around our apartment building holding suitcases.I got too lazy to do the last one.These are non sense traditions to bring good luck. Better safe than sorry.

January 1st.In the morning we played this game with the boys. Everyone takes a turn pushing the sticks on the balloon. The person who pops the balloon loses.

Another hike to start the year healthy. We walked around a 5k. We went to REI and got two camel hidration backpacks for the boys. They love their tiny backpacks.I'm also going to get them those ugly pants like the ones that Jared wears just for hiking of course.

Mario refuse to get a haircut. I think I will get him a male headband. He looks good wearing it. He has so much hair and so curly. Very European of him. I love Mario and Milo chestnut hair color. I'm getting there, I just need to keep matching my hair color to their color.

After that we went to In-n-Out  I had a burger wrap in lettuce with onions. No cheese, sauce or bread with water of course. The boys had milkshakes, burgers and fries.
It was an excellent first day of the year.
Before I forget. My brother is having a huge surprise for my dad.He is remodeling my Dad's office. Julito is replacing the floors, the walls, putting new windows..My dad will be so surprise when he returns home from vacation. I can't wait to see his reaction. Here are some progress photos:This one was the first day.

In progress:

January 2nd
Second hike of the year followed by an amazing early dinner.

Mario doesn't like sitting on the floor.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT