My cute parents came to visit us.

Hi everyone. Before starting this post, I want to share this picture of me and MY CURLY HAIR.  I have said before that I have curly hair and that is where Mario gets it from, including the color. I colored my hair black because I like it but my hair color is brown. So there it is!
So, I want to share some pictures of my parents. They were here in Santa Fe for a few days and we had a blast. We went to church and my mom got me that pretty pink dress.

The last Sunday in May was Mother's Day in the Dominican Republic, I was lucky enough to have my mom here, so I took her to a really nice restaurant on the plaza, she loved it.

We also got the sod for our backyard.  It looks awesome.

Mario enjoyed the grass and the water too much. He asked me to take off his clothes and he ran naked in the backyard. Too cute.

Another highlight of the trip was that my dad took us out twice a day to eat at any restaurant of my choice :)Bamboo Asian Cuisine  and The Pantry.

We also took Mario to Castle Park. He is such a good child.

My mom loves the chocolate covered strawberries from Señor Murphy.

Those two are so much fun to go shopping with.

We also went and visited Bandelier National Monument. It was a great experience.

Inside one of the houses.


We ate at Michael's Kitchen in Taos. Great place to eat, and the service was excellent.

(Can you see Mario stealing a fry from Jared's plate?)

Rio Grande Gorge bridge

My parents invited us to dinner at a Spanish restaurant here in Santa Fe called El Farol.Mediterranean food is great.

Tapas Españolas.


I had a great time with them. One funny thing is that Mario calls my parents by their first name. He is already missing my parents a lot. After dropping my parents off at the airport, Mario got home and looked for them in every room of the house. He was so sad, poor baby.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT