San Jose Zoo.

After school I took the boys for gelato. Mario loves anything with cookies and milk. Milo likes Mango and raspberries..any sour flavor.

The boys love our night time walks.

Mario didn't have school today. We went to Happy Hollows Park which is a zoo in the San Jose area. The boys had so much fun and so did we. It was child heaven. It was also pretty empty when we got there. I get very anxious around children who are not mine.

Riding the rollers coaster was one of the most exciting part of the day.  This is Milo's first time riding a roller coaster and he was loving it. Mario screamed like a little girl the whole ride. I was laughing so hard. Do you guys see Jared's face? He was cracking up.

After Mario rode the roller coaster, he told us: "That was as fun as dying."He is turning into a little teenager. I can see a future full of sarcastic comments ahead of me.

They loved this one too.

Another "exciting" ride.

We made some crafts, played dressed up, jump on a bouncy  house. I think we are good until next year.

I am so grateful for my little boys.Milo is small for his age, like Mario. He likes challenges and he can do whatever any older boy is doing. He was waiting in line to ride a bike with others children who were around 5 years old. A woman came to me and told me in a snarky way "he is too small." I think she said that because she wanted to take our turn. I said "well see."  Milo could barely reach the pedals for the bike but he was determined. He went for it. He rode this huge bike slower than the older boys, but he did it by himself.  I always tell me boys to never give up.To finish my story, after Milo finished his round, he walked to me and  pointed at a stop sign. He spelled S-T-O-P  and I asked him what does that mean? He told me stop!I was so proud of him. I thought my chest was going to explode. He is small, but he doesn't see that as a disadvantage. From Jared's side of the family so far my children are the smallest and that was always pointed out. I never understood what was the big deal about being taller or smaller than anyone else.  I am sure it is a cultural thing that I don't understand.
My children were born premature. One by c-section and the other by natural birth. Their heads were the size of a small orange when both were born. They are picky eaters, they LOVE candy and are vegetarians by their own choice. Mario is on top of his class, they are also well behaved. They loved going to church, they love to go to grown up restaurants and loved to sing. They read their scriptures every night. They are kind and loving to other children. They are very gorgeous too.They take care of each other and they are loyal to each other too.  I am really proud of them and I know they will be great men in the future. So far, they are the best part of me.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT