We survived.

We survived lice in our house. Milo went to school and told his teacher he had "fleece" last week.
I also burned my scalp after putting Listerine on my head. I read on Pinterest that Listerine will kill and prevent head lice. I was getting so anxious about the possibility of having lice on my head, because I have so much hair. I could spend hours going through my hair with that tiny comb. A terrifying thought.  I left the Listerine on my head the whole day. It was burning but not enough to rinse it out. By midnight my head was pounding. I rinsed out my hair and it was so burned that my skin is peeling off. I look like a burned victim. On the positive side, I love how Beautiful my new skin looks.

Our boys playing around.

I made some tasty steak for Jared. It was his welcome home meal.

This is Maribel. Another mom from Mario's school. We went to a cafe in the morning and later groceries shopping at the open European market.

I'm listening to this book. I love audio books because I can still do my chores me learn new things.

This is one of the clubs I help with.

I also got a new chair for Milo. This one can hold up to 110 pounds.

I need a photo of us riding our bike together.

I also bought a bag of only the lucky charms marshmallows. I am the coolest mom ever. I can feel new cavities in my mouth.

My gorgeous boys.

I was going through my old photos and videos last night, I found this beautiful video of Mario singing. I am so glad I have these beautiful moments of my children. I can remember how their voices uses to sound like. They are getting older and their voices are changing. I love my babies.

Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT