Mario's Christmas Picture 2010

I took some cute pictures of Mario yesterday and he is such a fun little guy who has become Mami's little helper.  I like this first picture, his hair is crazy curly and I wanted to share with all of you before I gave him his yearly haircut. I really love to spend time with him. I feel really grateful for Mario.  Jared and I are so in love with him, sometimes is really hard to think how can we love another baby as much as we love Mario. I got another ultrasound and the baby again came out looking so much like Mario, and we are hoping that this baby is not just like Mario in his looks but also in his personality. I know, I am asking to much.

He told me: Mami, the sun is too bright. Mario doesn't like it.He still talks in the third person.

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Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Salt Lake City, UT